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Welcome to e-tna.co.uk, the site to support you to make accurate forecasts of your training requirements for the coming year, quickly and easily .

By accurately forecasting the training that people require and recording when people attend training personal development plans become much more straightforward!

Supporting you to record when refresher courses are required by automatically scheduling it in, e-tna.co.uk will save you time and resources especially when linked in with our online assessments.

e-tna.co.uk enables managers to record and forecast training for the coming 12 months, but over time using the information we record this year and next we can start to build a picture of the training requirements up to three years in advance....

Many courses have mandatory "refresher periods", first aid for example, it is important that people who attended training last year can still remember how to deal with a burn or a broken bone, because if they get it wrong they can make the injury worse, rather than better.

So by setting the refresher period against each course (where appropriate) when someone is schedule to attend, you can forecast that they will need to attend the same course again in three years or one year or whatever the referesher period is set to.

The key element is that it all happens automatically, set it up once and reap the benefits of accurate training forecasts year in year out.
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