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The Grey Matter Group was created in 2006 (Company Number: 6158047) to provide cost effective online solutions to enable organisations to improve their staff development by gathering evidence of knowledge and competence so that training plans, and more importantly budgets, can be focused on meeting identified staff development needs. Each online solution is hosted on its own website
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We have worked in partnership with Local Authorities, NHS and private / voluntary care providers to support them to evidence that their workers are competent against essential standards using our online assessment and evidence recording system.

Since 2006, we have added more assessments to our product list to support a larger range of standards and training subjects. The assessments are now being used in lots of different ways to support workforce development initiatives, e.g. during interviews, induction planning, QCF and for continuous professional development.

They have enabled organisations to review the way that learning and development is delivered to incorporate evidencing competence, improving supervision and finding more cost effect methods to educate staff. The assessments have also become relevant to a wider audience incorporating training providers and QCF centres. We have also supported providers to cost effectively create their own assessments to incorporate local policies, procedures and issues.

The assessments are facilitated at www.cis-assessment.co.uk where you will find more information and customer case studies showing the benefits and cost savings achieved.
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We have created a 360 degree feedback system to enable our customers to find out what their customers think of their workforce and services. Our 360 feedback system can be used for individuals and team feedback as well as for customer surveys and employee satisfaction surveys. We believe 360 feedback measuring attitude, behaviour and customer perception compliments the online assessments which are focused on measure knowledge.

We are well aware that there are other 360 systems available but the key consideration for us has been to make this technology available and relevant to the sectors we work with at an affordable price. Organisations can cost effectively use our feedback templates, write their own feedback questionnaires or create a combination of both. The 360 degree feedback system is facilitated at www.three60degree.co.uk.
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Training Booking / Event and Learner Management

In partnership with a local authority, we have designed an online training booking / event management system with self-service because there was nothing else available on the market that met their needs or limited budget. We are now looking for more organisations to adopt the system at a reduced price in return for on-going feedback enabling us to continue to make improvements.

Please complete contact us for more information.
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Who are we?

The Grey Matter Group comprises of a team of professionals whose combined skills and experience have brought great success and benefits to the organisations. The company is managed by three full time directors and employs one other permanent member of staff.
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Alex Knapp, Managing Director

Before starting The Grey Matter Group with Piers and Sarah, Alex worked for technology companies in both in internal and external sales roles. With a keen interest in computing and technology, he has developed his knowledge over the past 12 years and it was this knowledge that sparked the idea of applying technology and more specifically developing the websites.

Over the past 5 years, Alex has acquired a wealth of knowledge about staff development and in particular the health and social care sector and national standards by working with customers and partners but also meeting the people who use the assessments and listening to their feedback.
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Piers Storey, Technical Director

Piers has worked in the IT industry for over 12 years in infrastructure convergence, web based solutions and customer support. Previously Piers ran his own company providing and supporting PCís and networks for the SME market and has used this knowledge to good effect both in supporting our customers and also developing simple, straightforward and user friendly assessments. Over the years Piers has developed numerous websites although the ones he is most proud of are those hosted by The Grey Matter Group.
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Sarah Knapp, Operations Director and Company Secretary

Until August 2010 Sarah worked for West Berkshire Council for 9 years as Social Care and Corporate Training / Development Manager and as part of the Councilís senior management team. Sarah completed her Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development degree in 2003 and used this together with 20 years of HR and commercial experience to provide an efficient and admired training function. Sarah was a Skills for Care committee member for 8 years and chaired the West of Berkshire multi-agency safeguarding adults learning and development group. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in workforce development, particularly in the social care sector but also worked in private sector HR functions.
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Our Many Partners

It is essential that the business keeps overheads as low as possible to enable us to provide web based solutions at the lowest possible price as we are working with sectors where funding is extremely precious. We have therefore established many partnerships with local authorities, private, voluntary and independent care organisations and associations, NHS, sector skills councils and other organisations. We regularly employ contractors to provide specialist knowledge and services. We involve ourselves in national and local forums and conferences and undertake projects for organisations like Skills for Care so we can keep up to date with the ever changing landscape.

Together with our partners, we have a significant amount of experience added to our proven track record of delivering excellent web based social care solutions that make a difference to the every day lives of workers, managers and most importantly, the people who they provide services to.
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue delivering up to date and cost effective solutions that are easy for people to use. By working in partnership and listening to feedback, we will support organisations and people to respond to changing demands placed on the workforce.
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